What if you, like everyone, were given a Golden Ticket to a happy life at birth, but lost it?


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Less than 10% of the working population is living their true calling. Many see themselves in jobs where the pay and job security do not help them find real fulfillment in it.

Swiss vocation researcher, author and producer Andreas Dudas, together with filmmaker Tilo Wondollek, sets out on a journey to find answers to the essential questions of life:

What gives us meaning in life? Where do we find the courage to actually follow our own calling? 
What would this world look like if everyone lived their true calling? 

On his journeys, he not only encounters extraordinary "courage makers" whose individual paths through life reveal answers and leave valuable traces - but also more and more himself.



In the spring of 2022, a visionary team
launched an extraordinary documentary film series project:

"The Golden Ticket Journey"


In October 2022, the final filming was already completed at various locations in Austria, Norway and Patagonia. Episode 1 revolves around the Austrian…

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In October 2022, the final filming was already completed at various locations in Austria, Norway and Patagonia. Episode 1 revolves around the Austrian…

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On July 5, we kicked off the Swiss tour week of "The Golden Ticket Journey" at the Volkshaus Zurich. In an entertaining but also moving presentation,…

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Exclusive lecture tour through Switzerland with Gregor Sieböck, the World Wanderer and Andreas Dudas, entrepreneur and visionary. 

We will start our…

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We are a group of film-enthusiastic visionaries who care deeply about the vocation of every single human being and the profound societal changes of our time. We explore these issues, weave the different stories together and let our words be followed by actions.

This documentary film series is about limiting self-doubt and multiple fears, encounters with encouragers/game changers and the necessary search for meaning on the way to a self-determined and fulfilling life.




Andreas Dudas

"Our Golden Ticket shows what brings us to fulfillment and purpose."


Andreas Dudas is an entrepreneur and visionary. Andreas studied Civil Engineering, International Management and Supply Chain Management at leading universities in Switzerland, Norway and England.


His professional career accompanied him in top positions over 4 continents in more than 30 countries. In the last years he founded several companies, the vocation hub and foundations.


With his medial gift and as an expert in Inspirational Leadership, he has shown countless people and companies their uniqueness and empowered them to unleash their greatest potential with a clear purpose. To this day, he is committed to the development of potential for a more peaceful world.




Tilo Wondollek

"The Golden Ticket holds within it the unraveling of the mystery of life."


Tilo Wondollek first studied biology and then graphic design in Munich. He developed international marketing and design strategies for over 25 years with his own advertising agency. Parallel to this, he organized congresses on the topic of consciousness development in business and continues to give leadership team trainings and coachings.


Since 2014 he has dedicated himself mainly to documentary film production in the areas of concept/draft, direction, camera and editing and has already received several international awards for his film-making work.





Gregor Sieböck (World Wanderer)

"In times like these, it is more important than ever to follow the voice of the heart."


Gregor Sieböck studied economics in Austria, USA and Cuba and environmental science in Sweden. This was followed by work at the Global Environment Facility at the World Bank in Washington. Instead of pursuing a career, he then set out on his first major world trek (3 years, 10,000 miles on foot).


After his return he gave hundreds of lectures, wrote three books, participated in four documentary film projects and set out on a chocolate world tour to fair trade farmers in Europe, Africa and South America.
He founded the associations "Ways of Freedom" as well as "W³ - Wide World Wilderness", an initiative that preserves wilderness areas worldwide and creates places of encounter and healing between humanity and the earth.



Antoinette Haering

"For me, the Golden Ticket means recognizing and living our potential."


Antoinette Haering studied Business Information Systems at the University of Zurich followed by a MBA in Computer Science and Telecommunications.
Her love for people, animals and nature have guided her throughout life, resulting in following trainings in education, coaching and organizational development. Thanks to her work with horses her personal development has accelerated. she has found self-love and the courage to live her potential.

Antoinette is the founder of several successful companies and uses groundbreaking and innovative methods in her work. In doing so, she unlocks not only the mental and emotional levels, but also the spiritual and energetic dimensions.

Antoinette succeeds in connecting worlds, overcoming differences and bringing opposites together. She leads people to inner peace and self-reconciliation and empowers them to live light and love - for a peaceful life in harmony with animals and nature.



The first episode of the documentary series has already been shot and is in the post-production phase.


We are therefore looking for enthusiasts and investors who will join us on our journey to create a documentary that will

  •     gives people the inspiration for their life's journey
  •     strengthens their belief in themselves
  •     encourages them to dare new things
  •     and offers answers to essential questions of life.

Do you want to be part of the "Golden Ticket Journey" and support the documentary project?

Contribution: 50 €

You believe in this project and support it without reward - simply because it appeals to you.

Contribution 100 €: Hand-signed book of your choice

Shiro, the great venture (Andreas Dudas); Shining example (Andreas Dudas); Flight of fancy (Antoinette Haering); The world wanderer (Gregor Sieböck) - all books are in german language
(Please indicate via e-mail)

Contribution 200 €: Your name will show up in the series

Your name appears in the credits of the series.

Contribution 400 €: 12-week online course on mission

Find your greatest potential and turn it into your dream job. In the intensive 12-week program with Andreas Dudas, you will find your calling and uniqueness step by step, create your dream job or your own business. The program includes an effective implementation plan. (the course is in german language)

Contribution 500 €: Two tickets for the first screening of the series

You will receive two tickets for the first screening of the series.

Contribution 1.000 €: Accompany Series Screening

Accompany the team to a private screening followed by a discussion with our director, producer and parts of the team.

Contribtion 5.000 € or more: Your visit at the film shooting

Come and visit the team on set for a day.

Contribution 15.000 € or more: You as Executive Producer

Your name will be listed as Executive Producer.

Contribution 50.000 €: 12-month exclusive mentoring

12-month exclusive mentoring: Find and successfully live your calling - with your own business.

Contribution 100.000 €: 12-month exclusive mentoring for impact investors

12-month exclusive mentoring for impact investors: Find and live your calling in your own or in one of our sustainable or social projects that leave global footprints and your great legacy.
We are glad that our film project has aroused your interest.
 We look forward to hearing or reading from you!
The film project "The Golden Ticket Journey" is produced by Andreas Dudas.


We are glad that our project has aroused your interest.
 We look forward to hearing or reading from you!
The documentary "The Golden Ticket Journey" is produced by Andreas Dudas.




Less than 10% of the working population is/are living their true calling. What impact does this fact have on our life and on the state of our world as a whole?


We live in a time of radical change. Rapid digitalization, steady increase of civilization diseases, comprehensive heteronomy, division of society, climate change are the topics of our time. Many people are losing their footing, are discouraged and are at a loss. Others lack clear perspectives and orientation.
The dissatisfaction in the population is constantly increasing: according to surveys, less than 10% of the working population live their true vocation. As a result, cases of burnout and boreout are constantly on the rise.


In Switzerland alone, health care costs due to depressive illnesses amounted to more than 5 billion Swiss francs in 2017. 


In addition, people in our society still carry the belief that money, career or the accumulation of material things are the only measure of happiness and a life filled with meaning. As a result, many give up their freedom, authenticity and uniqueness in favor of false securities.

In light of the above challenges, more and more people are asking themselves burning questions:

  • What are the solutions to our global challenges?
  • How can we as individuals contribute to these solutions?
  • What is the right path for a happy and meaningful life?
  • Does the latter have an impact on the state of our world as a whole?
  • What does success mean in today's world?
  • Is it worth breaking out of the pattern and taking a new path, provoking a radical change?

All over the world there are already countless people on their individual paths in life who consistently follow their hearts and who succeed in living a self-determined, peaceful and joyful life with exemplary effect despite sometimes adverse circumstances. The documentary "The Golden Ticket Journey" finds and portrays them.


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