TGTJ lecture tour: Inspiring start in Zurich, Bern and Lucerne!

On July 5, we kicked off the Swiss tour week of "The Golden Ticket Journey" at the Volkshaus Zurich. In an entertaining but also moving presentation, world hiker Gregor Sieböck and entrepreneur Andreas Dudas took the audience on a journey of inspiration.

Under the slogan "Discover your potential and change the world," the two TGTJ protagonists told of their personal ups and downs on the path to the "Golden Ticket" and shared encouraging, transformative stories of people from around the world. Photographers, marketing professionals or bankers suddenly become hospital clowns, bomb defusers and watchmakers - the world turns upside down and hearts glow.

Some voices on the presentations:

"It was very impressive to get an insight into the lives of Andreas Dudas and Gregor Sieböck. This lecture encouraged me even more to follow my vocation, as both of them clearly show what is possible and how it feels to go one's own way. For me, vocation could be experienced with this lecture! I wish that many more people would follow this lecture and walk the path of their own vocation for a future with inner peace, joy, strength and courage! A heartfelt thank you to Andreas and Gregor (and all those involved in the background) for this great, groundbreaking work!", Elvira Schmed


"The topic of profession with vocation is forward-looking for people and companies. It catapults each and everyone far ahead into the new age of wisdom. Used correctly, it brings peace and tranquility. Thank you!", Daniel Frischherz


"Very refreshing!", Matthias Brunner


"Entertaining, exciting and impressive.", Arnell Fejzullahu


"A lecture by two people who touched me deeply with their authenticity and life stories.", Katja Roth


Gregor Sieböck and Andreas Dudas will soon move on to Salzburg, where they will continue their tour on August 20 at the Wimmer tailor shop in Schleedorf. All dates and locations of the presentations in Austria can be found on our website.

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